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Why Us?

At AAA Air Quality Testing, we have a unique procedure that separates us from the rest! We use an EMS AC/DC IAQ pump with Allergenco D cartridges. Depending on the size of the area, the machine will run for a minimum of five minutes, during which time the machine retracts the air into a 5-foot circumference and all spores that are airborne will be extracted from the air into the cartridge and trapped onto the internal slide.

When the test is done, the slide will be removed and viewed under the microscope by the microbiologist. We also provide a tape lift sample; if there is a large amount of mold or bacteria visible, such sample can be directly lifted or swabbed by our technician and taken to the microbiologist for a closer view and culture. We also have a speedy return time with next-day results for no extra charge so you can begin living cleaner and healthier tomorrow!

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